Consequence of Sound Make us

Large also observed activity in the listener’s mirror neurons the neurons implicated in our ability to experience internally what we observe externally.

Electronic Dance Music

Rhythm and Blues

Before this, R & B was known as ‘race music,’ a term that originated in the African American community but was deemed offensive in the postwar world. In 1948, RCA records marketed R&B under the name ‘Blues and Rhythm.’ However, these words were reversed by Atlantic Records, the most dominant R & B label, when this genre became popular.

Detroit techno is said to be the foundation of the techno genre, and it’s a genre you may have listened to when out clubbing. In recent years, technology has significantly enhanced the quality of techno music, giving the genre a surge in popularity.

Dubstep is an electronic dance music subgenre that originated in the late 1990s’ in South London. Dubstep can be characterized by syncopated rhythmic patterns combined with prominent sub-bass frequencies. Music lovers consider dubstep to be a darker form of dance music. That said, since the late 1990s, dubstep has quickly found a place as one of the top music genres.

Genres of music and their definitions

Also known as country and western, country music has its roots in the south of the USA. Having evolved from a combination of different fold styles. Combining the influence of working-class immigrants it takes its cues from Irish and Celtic folk, traditional English ballads and cowboy songs.To many people, anything pre-jazz sounds classical and may be referred to as such. Once you get inside this genre, however, you will find whole world music and a stunning range of styles and categories.

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